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Talavera from Puebla, Mexico

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CONNECT WITH MEXICO - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. MEXICO.

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San Miguel de Allende is full of expats.

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1. Must I reside in Mexico to benefit from CWM learning tools?

No. While much of the content will help expats living here to better navigate the country, many members of the CWM community remain in their home countries as they learn about Mexican issues.

2. On average, how long will it take me to complete a CWM Academy course?

Three days. Because the courses are self-paced, however, you can be done with one in as little as six hours or take your time and go for two weeks.

3. Can I get guidance and assistance in a self-paced CWM Academy course?

Yes. The CWM Academy system provides for a group chat to interact with your classmates and with the instructor.

4. Can I find in-person tools in CWM in addition to those that are online?

Yes. CWM Academy courses are all online, but CWM Consulting and CWM Conversations can include in-person sessions.

5. What’s the difference between CWM Consulting and CWM Conversations?

CWM Conversations are designed for a set group of people, like guests in a hotel or staff members of a company, and usually include general topics about Mexico. In contrast, CWM Consulting attends to your specific needs concerning knowledge about those Mexican issues you're most interested in. Sessions are offered to individuals or groups.

6. Are there in-person sessions within the CWM Experience?

Yes, CWM Consulting and CWM Conversations are scheduled, real-time interactions, which can be in-person or online. CWM Academy courses, however, are self-paced, online experiences with no need for specific scheduling.

7. Can I practice my Spanish in CWM?

Yes. While CWM content is in English, many of the materials used come from Mexican sources, in Spanish. Many of these items/sources are often made available to you in the original Spanish vernacular.

8. What currency is used in CWM?

Mexican pesos (MXN $). For reference, however, we offer an approximate equivalent in US dollars (USD $).

9. What payment options do I have within CWM?

You can use PayPal, your credit card, or wire money through an EFT. For the last option, we will send you an email with the corresponding deposit information.

10. What is the time zone used when scheduling synchronous sessions with CWM?

Mexico Central Time (MEX), which is Mexico City time. This is -6 hours UTC/GMT. If you are in the United States, the times shown in Connect with Mexico will always be US Central Standard Time (CST).

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