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Mexico Conversations

Hold Mexico Conversations to enlighten English-speaking individuals.

Hospeda Conversaciones sobre México para informar a personas angloparlantes.


Mexico Conversations

for Tourists

If you manage a hotel, cruise ship, or entertainment venue, you need a

Mexico Conversations for Tourists


Mexico Conversations

for Expats

If you are a business, embassy, periodical, or club,

look at our

Mexico Conversations for Expats

Si trabajas en un hotel, un crucero o un centro de entretenimiento, necesitas una

Conversación sobre México para Turistas

Si eres un negocio, embajada, publicación o club,

busca nuestras

Conversaciones sobre México para Extranjeros

1. Mexico Conversations for Tourism / Conversaciones sobre México para Turistas.

Click on this brief presentation to learn all about Mexico Conversations designed for English-speaking tourists.

Haz clic sobre esta breve presentación para aprender todo sobre las Conversaciones sobre México para turistas de habla inglesa.

Mexico Conversations by Carlos Navarro
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2. Mexico Conversations for Expats / Conversaciones sobre México para Extranjeros.

Conversations Expats

Hold Mexico Conversations for Expats so that the English-speaking members of your organization can learn about this country. These events can be in-person or online regardless of what type of group you are. We have held Conversations with diplomats, company executives, writers, environmentalists, and retirees.


With his unique and entertaining style, Carlos Navarro guides your colleagues, staff or friends through fun lectures through which they receive useful information about Mexico, share their own experience of the country, and get to ask their own questions.

Contact us to get a moment of in-depth understanding about this amazing nation through a lively and unforgettable series of Mexico Conversations.

Watch this video to let Carlos Navarro explain his Mexico Conversations:

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Mexico Lectures for Expats
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