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EXPAND your MEXICO view!


Now that you have settled in as an expat in Mexico,
learn all about this country’s incredible story and amazing people.

A former analyst for the US Government and strategist for the Office of the President of Mexico, Carlos Navarro created Connect with Mexico (CWM) to help you understand his country.

Connect with Mexico's online courses, consulting, and lectures teach you about this country’s beauty, customs, and many challenges. This is your go-to destination to examine those specific Mexican issues you're interested in.

We are Mexican and it is our job to explain this nation to anglophone expats just like you.

Our Services

Our Services

  • Connect with Mexico offers you online courses, consulting, and lectures.

  • Our learning tools will let you gain valuable new insights about Mexico and its people.

  • It's all in English, come and discover!

Discover Mexico through our self-paced online courses.

Book sessions where we cater to your specific needs concerning Mexican issues.

Host a lecture about Mexico for your guests or colleagues to be amused and enlightened.

Want to know more?

Watch this video to find out more about Carlos Navarro and the Connect with Mexico Experience.

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