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Connect with Mexico close to you!
Personalized sessions


If you would like a closer Connect with Mexico experience call on us to visit your organization in person or to hold an online session that covers your specific needs. We can travel to bring the Connect with Mexico experience to your institution, whether that's your headquarters, a manufacturing plant, a high-tech workshop, or a single office, in Mexico or abroad.


Through a series of in-person Connect with Mexico sessions, your English-speaking foreign nationals who live and work in Mexico – or who are deeply involved in Mexican issues – can benefit from our expertise, ask their own questions, and gain valuable information on the country. They will undoubtedly also become better able to interact with those Mexicans they come into contact, whether on a daily basis or just for monthly meetings.


Talk to Connect with Mexico and benefit from a tailored product that will help your staff become more productive and equip them to truly enjoy this country and its people. We will be glad to be able to shake hands with them, the Mexican way!

Connecting with Mexico is a breeze when you join these Mexican Narratives Conversations!


Look at the calendar below to register.

Join us!

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