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The self-paced courses are being updated by Connect with Mexico experts and will be online soon. They will be made available through the Moodle learning platform. 


If your schedule doesn't allow for live interactions with Mexican consultants, as in our live Conversations, you can always enroll on a self-paced course where you will study materials about Mexico and be guided through the topics by an expert. These are compact online curriculums that open your eyes to Mexican topics, almost always using Mexican sources to get the job done.


In short, you will be immersed in a learning experience through which Mexicans themselves tell you their story, in English, of course.

At your convenience, and at your own pace, you'll find reading materials, videos, exercises, even games that will open your eyes to this awesome country and its often-hidden treasures.


The courses are all connected but you can choose to study them independently, selecting specific topics that pick your interest. You may also decide to go one after the other in a progression that will shed lots of light on your own Mexican experience.


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