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Mexican Narratives


National narratives are based on stories that describe the identity and experiences of the Mexican community; they explain their hopes, aspirations, and concerns. Those tales help us to understand who Mexicans are, where they came from, and how they make sense of the unfolding events around them.


By holding guided conversations with English-speaking foreigners on specific Mexican topics, these narratives spring up and shine a light on how Mexicans perceive their country and other national realities. Through these live Connect with Mexico dialogues, expats are shown how their own experience of all things Mexican affects their own views and perceptions and gather a wealth of information about their adopted country.


Instead of you scraping the Internet or enduring a prerecorded YouTube channel to see if you can learn about Mexico, you simply join in our Conversations, where you will have a voice and the chance to raise your hand and ask the questions, all live in high-quality video. If for any reason your doubt is not resolved on the spot, Connect with Mexico will commit to offering you a well-researched answer in no more than a week.

Connecting with Mexico is a breeze when you join these Mexican Narratives Conversations!


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