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Online Classes
Mexican Current Affairs

Our first session is Thursday, 8 June.  Join us!

This is a two-month series that will be held every Thursday from 8 June to 27 July 2023, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (Mexico City time). 


While it is true that the evening news is often not the day's most uplifting show, the truth remains that contemplating a nation's current events, as reported by its media establishment, is one of the best ways to discern the themes of the national conversation.


In Connect with Mexico, we discuss the news to help you make sense of what Mexicans are talking about, to identify headlines, and to point you to national priorities. Discussing the week's news with an expert also allows you to discover topics that Mexicans will be interested to discuss with you!

Mexican news is a part of Connect with Mexico


Is your organization struggling to spot the politics behind the policies in Mexico? Do some news items seem just a bit too strange, or even crazy?

Meet with us at a Current Affairs Conversation for "a week in the life of Mexico" and you'll become an expert in figuring out the background story behind the news of the day.

MXN$400 (approx. US$20)

per person per session

90 minutes

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