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Beautiful colonial towns are a part of the Mexican experience


Is this a Mexican history class?

No. While history plays a role in many topics, we talk about many other issues -- many of them in the news -- that touch on life in Mexico.

Is this a good place to practice my Spanish?

No. While we use a few terms in Spanish here and there, all of our content is in English. 


Is this a Mexico relocation guide?

No. Our community is conformed mostly of people who are already residing in the country or who, while living abroad, are interested in Mexican issues. However, you can certainly benefit from Connect with Mexico learning tools as you plan how best to relocate to the country.


Do you offer tours of the country?

No. However, we can visit a specific location to offer personalized Connect with Mexico sessions on-site.


Can I suggest topics, activities, or different scheduling?

Yes. Just contact us directly or use the form above. We'll pay attention. We love your feedback!


What is the time zone shown in the sessions scheduling?

Mexico Central Time (MEX), which is Mexico City time. This is -6 hours UTC/GMT. Starting in 2023, Mexico dropped its daylight-saving time program so hours remain the same in each of its four time zones throughout the year. The only exceptions are some municipalities on the border with the United States. If you are in the United States, the times shown in Connect with Mexico will always be US-Central Standard Time.


Are all prices set in Mexican currency?

Yes. We show Mexican pesos (MXN $). However, we do offer an approximate equivalent in US dollars, for reference.

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