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Expat exploring Mexico.

Connect with Mexico (CWM) is here to provide you with useful information to better immerse yourself in Mexican reality.


Our mission is to help you, an English-speaking expat settled in Mexico, to communicate better with Mexicans and to make sense of the many intricacies of this amazing nation.


Whether you select a course from our CWM Academy, book a session at CWM Consulting, or decide for a CWM Mexico Conversation for your organization, there is no doubt there will be much learning and lots of fun as we help you to "Connect with Mexico."​

Connect with Mexico
Mexico Specialist

Carlos Navarro established Connect with Mexico after moving to Puerto Vallarta from Mexico City in 2016. Originally from the city of Puebla, his studies and work experience have taken him to live in the capital of his country for 20 years and also in the United States, Colombia, and Panama. As a long-time political and media analyst, Carlos is a Mexico specialist who has conscientiously studied his own country and is an expert in explaining it to foreigners.

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Our methodology has proven its effectiveness in helping expats become proficient "in cracking the Mexican code" and in enjoying their time and their activities in this country.​

Lecture on Mexico for expats by Carlos Navarro
Greeting the Ambassador

With US Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne

Diplomatic Event

Invitation to US Independence Day

Welcoming the President

Welcoming President Joe Biden to Mexico

Working for the President

At the Los Pinos Presidential Residence

In touch with the media

With TV news anchor Javier Alatorre

With North American Partners

At the Canadian Embassy in Washington

Meeting Mexican media legends

With late national TV anchor Jacobo Zabludovsky

Across the Oceans

Traversing the Panama Canal

Visiting the White House

With White House photographer Peter Souza

The beauty of Mexico

I love exploring my country

Listening to the President

At an address by President Barack Obama

Remarks by the President

Invitation to an address by President Barack Obama

The Mexican story

I find the story of Mexico truly fascinating.

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