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Experiencing a foreign country is not always easy and Mexico is no exception. Connect with Mexico (CWM) is here to unveil this country's wonderful stories to foreigners who speak English so they can make sense of what Mexicans say and do.


Regardless of whether you live here or not, we will reveal Mexico's customs and mysteries to you in live sessions, online courses, in-person sessions, or a combination thereof. The choice is yours!

Teaching about Mexico was a hobby and then became a profession.

Our mission is to provide English-speaking foreigners with learning tools that guide them to apprehend the Mexican spirit. We offer history, culture, news, and thought-provoking ideas to help them "connect with Mexico," revel in this country's wonders, and get to know its people.


Carlos Navarro established Connect with Mexico after moving to Puerto Vallarta, on the Mexican Pacific coast, in 2016. Originally from the city of Pueblahis studies and work experience have taken him to live in the capital of his country for almost 20 years and briefly in the United States, Colombia, and Panama.

With a degree in Communications from the University of the Americas-Puebla and college work in the United States as an exchange student, he has worked in television as a news reporter and did extensive video production work for the Televisa and TV Azteca national television networks. As a long-time political and media analyst, Carlos studies issues relating to Mexico and how they are covered and interpreted. He has worked as an analyst for the Governments of the United States and of Mexico, both of which provided extensive training opportunities. In the latter, he held the position of Chief of Strategic Analysis at the Office of the President of Mexico.

Carlos Navarro talks about Mexico.
Carlos explains Mexico to expats, in English.

Much of his work has involved explaining Mexico to foreigners, some of them top government officials and executives from major multinationals; it is a skill he has long cultivated and thoroughly enjoys. Those conversations gave way to a methodology that has proven its effectiveness in helping expats become proficient "in cracking the Mexican code" and eventually guide them to savor "the real Mexico." 


The twists and turns of his career have taken Carlos to do research work in Washington, DC; to engage in academic writing at Loyola University – Chicago; to design video analysis models in the Republic of Panama; to address audiences at Fordham University – New York; and to take specialized communication courses in Bogota, Colombia.

Carlos Navarro has long taught foreigners about Mexico.

"Revealing Mexico's enigmas for foreigners and sharing my country with them is so gratifying and also a lot of fun."

Carlos Navarro

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